Mittal tea store (Delhi)-the best Chamomile tea is here!

Mittal Stores was established in 1954 as an all needs store. After about two decades it was converted into the first tea store that offer exotic Indian teas from Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, Flavoured, Herbal Teas and Infusions. They also have teas from China, Japan, Sri Lanka and South Africa. This store is a small yet precious tea shop in the elite market of Sunder Nagar.

This renowned tea store in Delhi was started by Lt. Shri B.D Mittal & later his son Mr. Vikram Mittal joined the family business who is a professional tea master. He loves to interact with people and recommend teas that will be most appreciated. His focus is to spread health and happiness. 

Mittal Stores is known not only for a wide variety of teas but also for the overall experience and knowledge you can gain on every visit. 

As discussed in my previous blog, Chamomile teas are a healthy option in herbal teas and have a lot of good effects on our skin but it is very important to have the right blend. Mittal tea store in Delhi provides the best one. They serve pure chamomile.

You can also try their STRESS SHRINKER, which is a blend of chamomile, lavender, sage & mint. This tea has a minty aroma with earthy flavors-as said by Ms. NIKITA MITTAL .

Many times our nasal passages are blocked due to dust and various other factors. Stress Shrinker by MITTAL TEAS is really helpful to open our nasal cavity and helps us breathe better.

CHAMOMILE contains several volatile oils and constituents that assist the recovery and health of skin or mucous membranes.

MITTAL TEA’s prime focus is delivering quality with the experience of 60 years in the tea market. they believe in creating something new for each and every walk-in. they personally take care of their requirements and suggest the best to each one of them, keeping in mind their tasting palates.